Why the United States imposes sanctions on Venezuela
It is not unheard-of that the United States impose sanctions on countries for varying reasons. In the not too distant past, the United States has not spared Venezuela in matters that involves serving sanctions. The reasons for imposing sanctions range from poor health services to serial kidnapping, uncalled-for arrests unplanned violent politically related rallies and detention of United States citizens.

These sanctions are in place to exercise restrictions on transactions between the United States and Venezuela.

The first sanction from the United States towards Venezuela came up in 2006. Ever since then, newer sanctions, have been coming up for varying reasons. These sanctions have targeted every present and future financial prospects of Venezuela. This article is to provide why the list of reasons for the sanctions are ever-increasing. It also gives an insight to some sectors that have suffered from the sanctions.


After the neverending terrorism attacks in Venezuela the United States took necessary action in 2006. The United States imposed restrictions on commercial and national ammunition transactions with Venezuela. Furthermore, the United States also went ahead to declare financial sanctions on individuals of Venezuelan origin and travel agencies involved in providing financial assistance to a radical group.

In March 2015, President Obama approved

Drug Trafficking:

The United States had to impose economic sanctions on about twenty-seven individuals whom were involved in drug trafficking to twenty-seven different countries according to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. The list of the sanctioned is graced by top government officials not excluding Tareck el Aissami, Pedro Luis Martin and two aides of theirs(2018).

Others include drug traffickers who had several dealings in different part of Venezuela.

Violation of Human Rights:

In March 2015, President Obama approved restricting visas and blocking assets of individuals in actions that amounts to violating the human rights. This approval left no one outside the loop if found wanting. Following this declaration, the treasury under the Obama led administration froze assets six officials of the Venezuela security outfit as well as a prosecutor who prosecuted protesters.

Some 19 individuals have been sanctioned

President Donald Trump did not overrule what had been done by the Obama led administration, considering that since he started his term, Treasury has imposed sanctions on ninety-one Venezuelan citizens. These sanctions do not exclude the President Maduro, his wife and son. Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, Diosdado Cabello (Socialist party president) and eight supreme court judges were not exempted. Others were the leaders of Venezuelan security operatives; four state governors; the central bank director and the foreign minister.

Transacting with the Venezuelan Government:

The United States has made assisting the government of Venezuela another reason to impose sanctions on individuals both in Venezuela and outside the country.

On November 1, 2018, the current President of the United States, Donald Trump issued EO 13850 to intensify previous sanctions. The EO was for the sole purpose of blocking assets of and prohibiting certain transactions.

Some 19 individuals have been sanctioned in accordance to EO 13850 for implicated in over 2 billion dollars currency exchange corruption endeavour.

These sanctions have been put up to restrict the Maduro led administration and his supporters. In a bid to achieve this purpose the United States has done it to impose sanctions on all dreams of income to the Maduro led administration. Some measures taken include:

The United States has furthered its cause of achieving its purpose of imposing sanctions on the Venezuelan government by discrediting the use of the new Venezuelan new cyber currency (petro). This is a move major countries of the world has gradually begun shifting to cyber currency. The Venezuelan government was not left out in the bid to do this but the united state has stopped this move.

In a bid to further the actualisation of their purpose, the united state also took further action in furthering their cause by sanctioning the Venezuelan gold sector.

On 28 January 2019, the United States proved its point when it sanctioned Venezuela’s state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PdVSA). This to date is the strictest sanction imposed by the united state to date. It should not be forgotten that this is the major source of income for Venezuela as a country.

The sanctions by the United States on Venezuela are never ending. There is no limit to how far these sanctions reach. These sanctions have far-reaching effects on the lives and livelihood of various individuals in Venezuela.

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