Why is Zimbabwe under sanctions
Sanctions are peaceful ways in which countries or international organizations used to retaliate or punish a country that seems to go against set policies. International organizations known globally for imposing sanctions are the European Union and the United Nations. The United States of America, however has this privilege of imposing sanctions because it has the largest economic power worldwide. It is the world's superpower and it is known for helping other countries out as well as giving them loans.

African countries benefit the most from these powerful organizations and the United States as well. This is so because most African countries are under-developed due to corruption among many other vices. The organizations play a big role in facilitating their development regarding both political and economic matters. Most African countries are facing issues to deal with corruption and bizarre cultural practices that tend to make them lag behind. Due to the unconditional support that they receive from the international community, these same organizations will not hesitate to impose sanctions on them when they decide to return an ungrateful hand.

For many years, it was ruled

Zimbabwe is among the many countries that are currently on sanctions. In this segment, however we shall look into the reasons why Zimbabwe is currently facing sanctions. Zimbabwe is a country that is located In the southern part of Africa. It is currently facing both EU and US sanctions that have been imposed on companies and some individuals. The victims are facing travel bans, arm embargo, freezing of assets as well as financial restrictions.

For many years, it was ruled by one Mr. Mugabe who unfortunately passed away in 2019. During his regime, there were lots of vices that were going on, people and companies that favored him violated so many laws. His brutal regime brought about the spirit of unrest among the citizens, but they never spoke openly about it. President Mugabe was quite a dictator therefore, nobody not even the military could dare go against his rule. Now these said people are the ones facing sanctions, not the whole country as many would assume.

The media are like the fourth

What did they do specifically? Well, as stated above, these people and some companies as well violated so many laws. Mugabe did nothing about it for he was also a dictator. The press had been held under siege by the former government in that they could not freely relay information to the public. Media houses were not allowed to present news that went against the government, any journalist found doing that would be heavily punished or even killed by government officials.

The media are like the fourth arm of government for it represents the voice of the people. It is also worth noting that the former president did not allow his subjects to post on social media platforms. The citizens really persevered being ruled by the late president for their freedom of expression was totally disregarded.

Why is Zimbabwe under sanctions?

Secondly, the former government never allowed political opponents to freely make their remarks publicly. Mugabe did not let anyone come between him and his power for he loved ruling though he did it maliciously. In fact, Mugabe ruled for more than 35 years making him to be among the longest serving presidents in the world. This was so possible because the unethical man often intimidated his opponents and interfered with election results. His opponents used to be subjected to hardships or torture just to safeguard his presidential seat.

Thirdly, the other reason why some Zimbabwe citizens and companies are on sanctions is due to land grabbing. During the harsh regime of Mugabe, lands belonging to the whites were illegally taken away from them. The former president had some ill feelings towards the whites for he used to make bad remarks about them. He took away their land and took over their companies by chasing them out of Zimbabwe. This was completely an inhumane act that should not be condoned at all.

Fourthly, so many rape cases and police brutality were reported in Zimbabwe in the last one year. This happened amidst the public protests to remove Mugabe out of office. Those ill acts angered the International community for at least 17 people were shot dead. It angered more so the United States officials who further imposed new sanctions against the country and its brutal way of leading the people.

Sanctions are meant to bring a country back on track for they come with immense pressure to a targeted government. It is the most preferred way of bringing order for it does not involve employment of the military. Although sanctions come with extreme measures, they are so worth it for they end up protecting human rights. Any country that does the above said vices as well as other ill acts deserve nothing good. Crimes against humanity should be heavily punished for life is so sacred and precious.

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