U.S sanctions that have been imposed on Iran
A situation where commercial or political penalties are levied by one or more countries against a targeted country is referred to as sanctions.

Take, for instance, you have potential customers who buy your merchandise which is your main source of livelihood. What will you do if your potential customers suddenly boycott your product? This is the same situation when sanctions are imposed on a targeted country.

Essentially, sanctions are inflicted to force the targeted country to obey certain laws, failure to which might lead to catastrophic effects. Iran is an example of countries that have suffered extensively as a result of numerous sanctions imposed on it by the US government. US sanctions that have been imposed on Iran in conjunction with their adverse effects are discussed below.

Iran was again sanctioned by the

In 1995, the US, under the regime of President William J. Clinton, imposed sanctions against Iran to ban it from the exportation of petroleum products. Moreover, financial support in the development of petroleum resources located in Iran was withdrawn.

The US stated that the sanction was inflicted on Iran because the Iranian government constituted threats that impacted the national security and the economy of the US. Imposed sanctions led to a catastrophic effect on Iran's economy since petroleum was its main source of income. It also weakened the purchasing power of its currency, which resulted in inflation.

Iran was again sanctioned by the US in 2011 under the regime of President Barack Obama. The US accused Iran of infringing policies regarding energy and petrochemical sectors. This led to the prohibition of credit providence by the US to the Iranian government. Furthermore, the Iranian properties which were currently in the US were all frozen. This signified that there were no transfers, payments, exportation or even withdrawal of such properties. As if that was not enough, Iran's close associates like Syria and Iraq were also instructed not to transfer credits to the Iranian government, which led to Iran's economic downfall.

U.S sanctions that have been imposed on Iran.

The Iranian regime was accused by the US for grave human rights abuses done through information technology in 2012. This led to the imposition of sanctions to Iran which entailed further blockage of Iranian properties present in the US and also suspending Iranians from entering the US. Travel bans affected many Iranians especially those who dealt in international trade involving the US.

In 2018, sanctions we're again imposed on Iran by the US government, in accusations that Iran funded terrorist organizations and militant agents. The Iranian regime was imposed with the financial toll in order to destabilize and destruct its influence in Syria. Unfortunately, even though the sanction was imposed with the aim of taming Iran's bad activities, its civil population suffered greatly due to a lack of financial support.

The US imposed sanctions on the office of the Supreme Leader of Iran in 2019. It was accused of allegedly engaging in 40 years of terror and aggression against the US and its allies.

Additionally, it was accused of targeting the US drone and executing invasions on International shipping. Moreover, the Iranian Supreme Leader's office was accused of enriching itself through corruption at the expense of its citizens. Therefore, the sanctions imposed aimed at denying Iran's leadership the financial resources to spread terror and oppress the Iranians. The US was firm at imposing diplomatic isolation and maximum economic pressure on Iran to make sure Iran bows to its policies.

In conclusion, it is evident that Iran has undergone a series of sanctions imposed on it by the US as depicted above. If Iran will not adhere to the policies of the US government, there is a likelihood of more impending sanctions to be imposed on the Iranian regime by the US government in the near future.

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