US sanctions on Russia

Countries relate with each other according to agreed set of laws and agreements. Some of these countries tend to violate set laws and agreement leading to risk of international security and peace. To change the position and behavior of the country in question, sanctions are used to diplomatically control the restricted country.

Sanction is an official punishment prohibiting relations, trade, or any contact with a particular state that breaks rules. It is usually inflicted to coerce the restricted country to carry out certain mandates, such as obey international norms.

Sanctions can take place in several forms such as, economic, military, environment, sports, and diplomatic sanctions.

Imposition of sanctions on Russia by the United States were due to several reasons as discussed below:

Ukraine conquest

Sanctions were imposed on Russia in

These sanctions were in reaction of Russia's seizure and gripping of Crimea and Eastern parts of Ukraine in 2014. The United State confined persons, firms, and government officials from Russia and Ukraine by inhibiting their operations and carrying out any activity with the United State. Russia also responded by limiting the United States from conducting trading activities in areas omea.

These sanctions have brought down the Russian rule and weakened its economy forcing them to stop invasion of Ukraine.

North Korea sanction violations

These were imposed on persons who went ahead to conduct business with North Korea after North Korea being sanctioned by the United States. The United States put limitations on Russian gas and oil, metals, and communication and information technology firms.

Cyber Crime activities

Sanctions were imposed on Russia in August 2017 for malicious hacking and interference with the 2016 elections in the United States. This resulted in ban of thirty-five Russian envoys and were denied entry to the United States and locks down of two Russian envoys premises. These sanctions were put into actions by the then the United State president Barack Obama.

Syria related sanctions

Chemical weapon use

Russia use of Chemical toxin as a weapon in 2018 to murder Skripal and his daughter in Britain, led to imposition of sanctions. Russia was stopped from exportation of commodities and services and limited from giving non-ruble-denominated sovereign bonds. This was a result of weapon oversee and warfare expulsion Act of 1991.

Venezuela related sanctions

These sanctions were imposed in 2019 by the United States treasury department on the large Russian state oil firm, Rosneft Trading SA. This was because of the allegations of financially aiding president Nicolas Maduro’s government and provision of military to help Maduro to stay in power.

The United State support of the Venezuela opposition leader. It froze the assets of Rosneft and stopped other firms from trading with Rosneft.

Syria related sanctions

US sanctions on Russia

Russia 2018 aid to the government of Syria in intrastate fights to use chemical weapons, led the United State imposed sanctions. These sanctions were put in place against any country that would aid Syria’s reconstruction and mass atrocities committed by Assad’s regime. It is to last until Assad pays for his actions for the atrocities committed. The United State has put restrictions on Russian military, contract mercenaries and energy firms in Syria.

Violation of human rights and corruption

The United State implementation of the Global Magnitsky Act, sanctioned Russian government officials from entry into her borders. This was after the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian attorney who died in jail due to allegation of human rights abuse and corruption by the Russian dignitaries.

Weapon build up

Russian military entities such as Rosoboroneexport are restricted by The United State from operations. This is due to its involvement in Ukraine civil war and violation of Nonproliferation ACT on Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Energy export pipelines

Foreign persons involved in any business such construction, acquisition, sales, purchase or leasing of Russian natural gas pipelines are to be sanctioned. The gas pipelines include Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream to protect Europe’s Energy Security Act 2019.


The international sanctions on Russia by The United State have greatly impacted both Russia’s and Europe’s politically and economically. The sanctions have limited the relationship between Russia and The United State and also their allies have been forced to pick sides for their survival. Russian rule has been weakened by restrictions of their military activities. The economy of Russia in some ways has become strong as they depend on themselves while that of Europe has generally weakened. Sanctions as a weapon has majorly been used by The United State to counter disobedience of Russia's disobedience.

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