US Sanctions on Iran
Iran’s government has continuously been found guilty of threatening national security by involving itself in international terrorism activities. Iran came up with an Islamic Revolution group that sponsored and orchestrated terrorist acts worldwide, leading to death and war between different nations. Their relationship with the US worsened when they took American citizens working at the embassy hostage.

The US Iran hostage situation forced the USA to impose sanctions on Iran. Much property was acquired and funded by a terrorist act in Iran, and these made the USA freeze assets for Iranian citizens. The asset worth over $12billion, including gold, bank deposits, and other valuable property, this was the first sanction to be imposed. USA hostage situation where Iran took American embassy workers in Iran hostage orchestrated the asset freeze by the US and banned all trade deals.

Iran has not been in good terms for many years with Iraq; in 1984, Iran invaded Iraq, and many people lost their lives. These act irritated the USA, and it decided to ban the sale of weapons to Iran, no firearm was to get into Iraq from outside its borders. Iran has been on the black spot for unethical acts which affect people internationally.

A ban on publishing scientific manuscripts from Iran was imposed in 2004 by the USA after Iran insisted on unethical behavior. After some time, it again imposed a ban on Iran preventing its citizens from banking or getting involved with US banks in any way.

In April 2015, an agreement was

Post-JCPO Sanctions

After Iran refused to stop and comply with the rules on its uranium enrichment, an instruction from the UN, the USA in 2006, imposed a sanction on investment on oil, petrochemical products, and other petroleum products.

Sanctions against Islamic Revolution Guard Corps

In April 2015, an agreement was made with Iran to limit its permissions if it limited its nuclear operations. Iran insisted on breaching its agreement with the USA, which made President Donald Trump withdraw from their nuclear deal. After this, the US decided to impose the earlier sanctions on Iran. The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps group that Iran’s formed sponsored terrorist activities, forcing the US to name it a terrorist group.

US Sanctions to Iran

Sanction on Education Courses

Most companies around the world have put sanctions on Iran, limiting access to their materials over the internet. Apple and GitHub have restrictions on the content that people of Iran can access through their platform.

Sanctions against Third Party

A well-known businessman who was put on a bounty hunt for flaunting US deals to China forced the USA to impose third-Party Sanctions to Iran. Li Fangwei went against US sanctions to Iran by involving himself in Iran’s nuclear programs.

In conclusion, thanks to the US government’s suctions, Iran has stopped its terrorist activities that were a threat to the international community. Iran’s citizens struggle because of the sanctions which have crippled their economy, and most families can’t cope with the expensive nature of local goods. Their students have been affected tremendously in outside countries by this ban. These sanctions will only be waivered by the USA if Iran agrees to comply with International Law.

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