The impact of American Sanctions
The business world has tremendously grown over the years, and has brought about the emergence of various super powers. Among these famous super powers is the United States of America which currently has the highest Gross Domestic Product with China coming second. The US has made an extremely big name thanks to its economic power that has enabled it to have excess control over the business environment. Due to its superiority in the business world, so many countries have experienced sanctions due to violations of set policies.

Economic sanctions are usually imposed on a country that seems to go against international rules. America has been doing this for years to stop the targeted countries and for sure, this way of discipline has been working effectively. Economic sanctions come with lots of disadvantages towards a country. This is so for the sanctions leads to a lower than usual Gross Domestic Product.

Firstly, economic sanctions lead to the

The sanctions bring about the withdrawal of trade relations, financial relief as well as the security policy in accordance with the United Nations. Privileges are often taken away from the country by imposing endless restrictions on them. They experience obstacles due to impact of the sanctions which we shall discuss in detail below.

Firstly, economic sanctions lead to the withdrawal of foreign relief towards a certain country. What does this mean? It implies that during this period, the said country will not get any foreign relief during a national calamity. America will not care whether the said country is suffering or not unless they come into an agreement with each other. Lack of international help is the worst thing a country can go through during a national disaster such as genocide or post election violence.

Another great impact a sanction may

Secondly, sanctions may lead to the ban of all travels from a country into America. Restriction of movement does not only harm a president but the country at large. This means that citizens will not be able to go to America to do businesses among many other things. An economic sanction terribly cripples a country's economy for US citizens will not be able to do business in the victim country and vice-versa.

Another great impact a sanction may impose in a country is the withdrawal of allay countries. What does this mean? It implies that countries that have friendly relations with the victim country may decide to distance themselves from it due to the American sanction. Since we learn better using illustrations, here is a significant one.

Let us say that Kenya is currently facing American sanctions due to violation of human rights. Kenya's allies include the neighboring countries, that is Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Since the allies get financial aid from America, they decide to step aside and let Kenya fight its battles. This is such a bad situation to any developing country for it will suffer a lot.

A real example is when United States imposed economic sanctions on Iran after Iran attacked the US military base. This was a retaliation from Iran after one of its leaders was killed by a drone that was sent by the United States. Iraq is the neighboring country of Iran, in fact, the leader was killed on Iraqi soil. It stepped aside and left Iran alone to deal with America for it was afraid of the consequences it would end up facing.

Another impact a sanction would have on a country is the imposing of trade tariffs and barriers that only undermine trade. When a country is facing sanctions, they usually go through unfavorable trade conditions that make it difficult to survive in the business environment. Import and export of goods and services will be made almost impossible due to the high fee charged that a country will be forced to pay.

Sanctions are better than war because at least it does not cause mass killing and loss of innocent lives. Imposing sanctions is a way of attacking a country though not with involvement of the military. It is a simple way of retaliating towards a country though it might have mighty repercussions to the victim country. All in all, countries that violate international policies deserve sanctions to deter them and others from engaging in such acts. Especially those that violate human rights need to face powerful sanctions to stop their evil acts.

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