Strategies used in lifting an embargo
Lifting of an embargo means the act of restricting another country from engaging in activities with another country. This is effected by coming up with principles, rules, and policies prohibiting the importation of goods and services from another country. For instance, embargoes can be typically caused by economic, moral or environmental reasons. In other words, a country stages a plan to counter another country's practices that influence its business.

There are various types of embargoes that a country can lift against another country due to the current relation existing between the two. For example, trade embargo is imposed when the ability of the trade between the two countries does not meet the target of maximizing the economic prosperity of a country. In such a case, mainly you find that such a country enjoys the economic benefits alone.

You need to understand that inside a country, there are the local manufacturing firms that produce goods and services and need to secure the market.

If the imported goods are at relatively lower prices than those of the locally produced goods, then the overall income generated for the local goods deteriorates.

On the other hand, the other

And this may call for a protest demanding the intervention of the country, which in turn opts to lift a trade embargo to the other country as a remedy.

In order for a country to impose such a trade embargo, initiatives are developed including the following policies;

Firstly, a government may formulate the policies like an increase in import tariffs as a strategy for restricting trade with another country. This is done by raising the prices of the goods and services imported from another country, rendering them less demand by domestic consumers. In so doing the locally produced goods and services regain their demand as they used to be.

On the other hand, the other country to which the restriction is imposed is deprived of its access to the market and therefore it results in a corresponding decrease in net income.

When this is in effect, the

Furthermore, a country may have had environmental pollution due to the importation of none-biodegradable products from another country.

This, therefore, agitates the country to create policies to end the environmental pollution as they are directly detrimental to the health of the people and the vegetation as well.

A country can lift an environmental embargo by banning the consumption of the products imported from another country. For example, they may say that all the citizens should cease consuming the products and if anyone is found is subject to the law.

When this is in effect, the other country producing the product undergoes economic nose-diving due to lack of market. This, in turn, maximizes the cost of production causing the industry falls and there would be no more products produced.

Again, the organization in charge of security and peace may lift an embargo on a country found to be unstable in security aspects. A country may be declared unstable when the military ammunition is used inappropriately, that is, where they are used to attack militarily poor neighboring countries.

Organizations such as the United Nations may decide to restrict the supply of military weapons to the country to stabilize the nation. The sanction will continue until the affected country embarks on restructuring its system and comply with the regulations laid down by the organization.

In the field of medicine, countries strive to be rated the best in terms of health facilities and treatment. When a country notices that its health administration is much superseded by another country, it may resort to developing a biological weapon of a disease, let's say, a viral.

And then come up with an antidote to the disease and let the disease spread to the targeted country. The affected country struggles to no avail to find the cure and when it accepts defeat, it requests for help and that is when it is declared over-powered.

This is how a country lifts an embargo in the field of medicine to another country.

In conclusion, there can be a cultural embargo on the negative dimension, where a country intends to safeguard and uphold its social norms and culture. A need for a sanction arises when another country has a huge influence on the culture either directly or indirectly. For example, the importation of drugs from the outside may affect the social part of the country in terms of behavior distortion.

It can be known that drug abuse has taken root when immoral behaviors are witnessed among the citizens which undermine the culture of the country.

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