How Cuba would look without an embargo
An embargo is a ban on all kinds of trade and other international commercial activities in a certain state or country. This ban ensures that no trading activities take place between the state or country in subject with the outside world due to political reasons. The United States of America has issued several embargos on the Cuban nation as early as the 1960s due to their political differences. These embargos negatively affect the economy, political, and social life of Cuba to a large extent, leaving the nation in a bad state.

Many people in the world always wonder how Cuba could be doing now if the United States of America and other countries in the world could not have issued an embargo on this nation. Without trade and commercial restrictions on this country by other nations in the world, would it be better off now? What about the travel restrictions into this nation, would certain industries be better than they are now? The economic, political, and social sectors would be by far better than they are now if the ban would not be there.

Socially, the country would advance and

Politically, Cuba would be doing well if they had no embargo issued on them by other countries. They would have built strong political systems and the constitution with the help of other nations, and they would be politically stable now. The political foundations of a country rely on how it relates to other nations to build a stronger nation. Without the embargo issued on them, Cuba would be a politically strong nation in the American continent.

Socially, the country would advance and have better social structures that help protect and make human life better. They would interact with the outside world and learn so much from other nations on how to rebuild socially. This interaction would be beneficial in integrating different cultures in the country and promote good social life in the nation.

The economic sector of Cuba could be very strong without the embargo issued on them. Cuba would have grown its export business by exporting raw materials to other countries and create enough foreign exchange income. The import sector could be looking better as goods would be allowed into the country, and this would increase the trading activities. Investors from other nations would invest in the country, set up their businesses, and industries. This would lead to the employment sector flourishing as most people especially youths would get jobs and become dependable members of the community.

The tourism sector would flourish due to the influx of tourists from around the world. This country would be a center of attraction for most people in the world if the travel would be no travel bans into this country. Cuba could look way better and improved in most of its sectors that enhance and make human life better.

In conclusion, the country would be far in most of its sectors such as the political, economic, and social sectors if the embargo would not be there. The absence of the embargo would make the country look good in all its sectors. This embargo has affected most of its sectors making the country not to grow as it's supposed to.

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