Embargoes imposed on China
An embargo refers to the government directive that inhibits trading ships and ferries from coming into and going out of a country's seaports or harbors. It can also mean a command by governing body that restricts a particular country's products from getting into the country or take their goods to the embargoed country. Embargoes are, in most cases, placed as a result of disagreements between the two or more concerned states. The cause of the conflict is often having a close connection to the political stands and excellence in various economic fields of the involved states. Countries imposing embargoes do it to achieve their seclusion from other nations, causing tension and problems to that authority to consider giving attention to the cause of bans. Among the embargoed countries, China exists in that list, and below is an explanation of the general background and reasons for embargoes on china.

China is one of the countries

China is one of the countries in East Asia that has the highest population, ranking her under the top populated nations. Amidst this large population, China is working tirelessly to work round the clock to change the face of her economy to meet the needs of its over 1.4 billion people. It was hard moving at the beginning when the regulations by the Chinese governments could not allow it to advance economically. The country remained backward, stagnated, and ranked low in the worldwide financially stable nation. However, when china resolved to open and actively participate with other lands in trade, the country's economy has recorded significant improvements.

China has been ranked top list

China has been ranked top list among the countries whose economies are rapidly rising to gain stability. It is this issue that raised the attention of the United States of America and planned to stop china's move in advancing her economy. The US is one of the nations concerned about the world economy as her primary priority. It is always striving to outdo other countries in technological advancements and the financial stability of its government. Trade is the significant reason for china's success, which formed the first war cause between China and the US, leading to the establishment of an embargo on it.

The conflict between China and the United States is due to their struggle to stabilize their economies. In a path that leads to the official embargo, the United States president began to impose higher taxes on the exports from China in an attempt to ruin the excellent rapport that existed between them before. The US government has also devised barriers on its trade with China, claiming that China had failed to abide by the laid down trade guidelines. Even though these two countries played a significant role in the world economy, the embargo that was put on china by the US is affecting the world's economy. Formerly China was known for its most enormous global exporter as the US topped the importer of the goods globally.

When China got membership in the World Trade Organization, it was put forth as a nation that received all the courtesy. The US president further legalized the signing of the treaties with china in trade in anticipation that the move would aid the US to rise economically. However, that turned out to the trade enmity between these two states as the US claimed that China failed to follow the stipulated global trade regulations. The US government advocated that China unveiled its markets, and China's move in defending blatant and matters on copyrights.US demanded that china must rectify the complaints before a good standing trade relationship would continue between them. Besides, China was accused of legalization and production of feigned compact disks of music, selling of counterfeit software that runs in computers and videocassettes.

The US government claimed that china had drained its economy to a greater extent through stealing its produced items and reselling the counterfeits of the same. To counteract and recover that china caused, the US government imposed embargoes on china, curtailing the regular carrying out of trade activities between them through the introduction of higher taxes on exports from China. The higher tax imposition is another way the US uses to remind China that her goods are not allowed to get in the US. Moreover, it is memorable that the severe clampdown of Protestants by the Chinese authority in Tiananmen Square in 1989 is a factor that led to another embargo on china. The prohibition was more evident when the European Union and the US banned arms exportation to China.

In summation, it more evident that the Chinese government has been striving to work tirelessly on upgrading its economy and through several endeavors like trade. However, amidst this solemn move, it is facing challenges from its competitors. One of the problems outlined is the imposing embargoes on it, as indicated above.

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