Embargo and sanction explained
Recently, when Donald Trump laid extended embargo on Cuba it got many people talking, and some Americans talked in opposition to the sanctions. Some sanctions that were removed by Barack Obama's regime was reverted by current President of the United States. This is an issue that remains debated in the White House, and Mr president shows no sign of going back on his decision.

When embargoes or any economy sanction is laid, It is either the victim has gone against human right, or caused by misunderstanding between the two parties. Sanction can be laid on an organisation, and it can be laid by a superior country against a less powerful nation. In 1962, President john F Kennedy extended the embargo laid on Cuba by covering other exportable items excluding medication and basic foods. Even these sanctions have being in existence before Kennedy was elected. And it continues until Obama regime lifted some sanctions off Cuba. Unfortunately, Donald thinks differently as he reverted all the lifted sanction and even added more. This is the current status of economy relation between the United States and Cuba.

In fact, some corporate organisation are currently facing a trial in the court just for allowing Cubans to make business transaction with them. Closure is possible if care is not taken, it means every American organization should stay away from doing business with Cuban government or its citizens. As a result if this, some other countries stayed away from doing business with Cuba so that they won't evoke anger of Donald. But, when discipline of this type goes on for decades, its consequence can be clearly seen as the sanctioned suffers economically, and as its citizens wallowing in economic pain.

Been placed embargo on is a tough situation as a country, and it is worse as a corporate organization. It is an intelligent decision as an organisation to seek every means and learn all what it can to avert government sanction and embargo. Fortunately, this is one of the reasons this book was written and has some compilation of important economic events which shows the reader what it means to be placed embargo on, and what can be done to avert such situation as a corporate body. Obviously, the book was specifically written for corporate entity to learn about what to be done to avoid embargo or economy sanction of any type.

Embargo and sanction explained

Better still, the way this book was written makes it useful to a student majoring in a course in economics. And it is an ideal book for government officers working in the chamber of commerce. The book contains a well detailed facts about placing of embargo, and its economy consequences. A book with 1,640 pages, written in 2013, and been making waves since then till date. The counselling it renders about this topic can't be easily come by in another area of learning. It contains inflow of information that can be harnessed for immediate use. A book of the type must not be absent in the library of a sensible economist.

The paper back with the simple illustration of the book's title has indicated the straightforwardness of the book. No time for digital styling for fashionableness, rather it goes straight to the point right from page one to the last page of the book. Surely, having all the staffs studying the book will in no time redefine the ethics of the organisation in an improved manner. Having discussion about this book in the board meeting for awareness and improvement of the organisation is something to think about. Be counselled by the book as to avoid a story that touches in the future please!

for your information, this is one of the books that many organisation out there are making use of. They learn and counsel their staffs with it, and also utilize the economic information found in the book for other purposes within the organisation. Apart from being a book for corporate entity, it is equally a good read for anybody that may be willing to learn about what it means to place embargo. And it also enlightens you on various aspects of embargo placement, who deserves it and how to avoid it.

The book is something to look at no matter your area of discipline as students, and it will even make you understand more about the reasons for sanctioning you have been seeing around.

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