Do economic sanctions only violate war principles
Do economic sanctions only violate war principles?

Economic sanctions typically refer to commercial and financial penalties given by one Country to another. These economic sanctions are also caused by political, military and social problems. Such sanctions are routinely issued when the government of a nation or its leaders go against international laws, or when they pose a threat to universal peace and security.

It is crystal clear that economic sanctions tend to violate war principles. War principles are specific rules and guidelines that show all the truths about war and all the operations of the military. There are nine principles and these are; objective, offensive, mass, economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise and simplicity. These principles are always carefully followed by the armed forces of a nation. By placing an economic sanction on a country, it violates the just war principles of that country.

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However, war principles are not the only aspects that economic sanctions violate. Economic sanctions also violate human rights and legal business practices of a country,

Violates human rights: According to the human rights declarations, everybody is supposed to be treated correctly. This means that nobody has to be discriminated upon on grounds of their race, sex, or religion. Mostly, sanctions are placed on a country or an economy because of the actions of their leaders. The primary aim is routinely to punish the leaders of these countries, especially when they do something that can cause harm globally.

On the contrary, the people who tend to suffer the effects are mostly the innocent citizens who know little or nothing about the extensive dealings of their leaders. It can cause hunger and poverty in a country, while the people responsible for the sanction will go about living their lives normally. Whereas the innocent ones tend to suffer. This is a big violation of human rights people get punished for the mistakes of others.

Do economic sanctions only violate war principles?

Violates legal business practices: In addition, economic sanctions violate legal business practices. By this, citizens of countries naturally tend to enjoy the goods and services of each other when they have comprehensive trade agreements. However, when economic sanctions are imposed, it presents a fundamental problem. This is because the citizens of the country with the sanction have already become familiar with and enjoy the products and services of the other country.

At this time, some people whose principal source of income was from marketing foreign products tend to exhaust their source of income. This has caused many families to starve and has naturally brought about poverty in some countries. It has forced some people into illegal practices such as “black marketing.” People promptly identify ways to smuggle in goods from the former country without being noticed. As a result of this, there is an increase in crime waves in the country. Furthermore, this tends to disrupt the peace that could have existed formerly in that particular country.

In conclusion, economic sanctions cause much harm to an economy. It does not only violate war principles, but cause the innocent suffer and causes social problems in that country. Every country should therefore do their best to evade economic sanctions, as it could cause them many problems.

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