China's capability of sanctioning the US back
Sanctions are trade and economic restrictions that countries impose on each other due to their differences in trade, politics, and economic policies. The most developed countries in the world impose sanctions on other countries to compel them to change their economic and political policies to align with theirs. Sanctions can affect nations that are heavily dependent on imports and economic aid from other developed countries in the world. The sanctions mean that the countries cannot trade with the country which has imposed the sanction on them.

China is a first-world country, meaning that it highly developed and its industries, trade are doing better. Us is another developed nation in this world and regarded as the most powerful in the world. These two nations have been involved in trade wars for many decades as they try to dominate the world on who is better in trading. Us is an import largely based nation, it depends on importing many things such as drugs and machinery into the country for its use. On the other hand, China is not dependent on imports from any country as it produces almost everything it needs.

China has the capability of making

This means that China has the capability of placing sanctions on the United States of America in retaliation to the sanctions the US has on Chinese companies. First, China can place a trade sanction on the US by refusing to trade with them. The US heavily depends on imports from China, technology, and retail businesses in America cannot survive if the sanctions come to effect. Most American companies in retail business source their goods from China, and these sanctions would lead to the collapse of their businesses.

China has the capability of making trade sanctions to the US since it can export most of its products to the middle eastern countries, Europe, and Africa. These continents provide a large market base for Chinese products which are in great demand. The country doesn't depend on the US to sell its goods, nor does it source products from the US. This gives them the capability of sanctioning the US back without hurting their economy as they have alternative markets.

China's capability of sanctioning the US back

China has real capabilities of sanctioning the US back as it can stop the American companies from outsourcing their production activities in their country. Most smartphone and electronic companies in the US produce their devices in china due to the cheap labor and abundance of raw materials. These companies cannot produce the products in the US as it is expensive and hence prefer to do it in China. The Chinese can ban this practice, and it will hurt the US back in enormous ways since they don't have alternative sources of labor and resources.

To conclude on whether china has any real capabilities to sanction the US back, they are capable of making trade sanctions which can be very effective. Many people and companies in the US are against US sanctions against china as they may trigger the Chinese to sanction them back. This will hurt the US economy to a great extent as most of them depend on Chinese products.

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